Architettura e ambiente, una relazione complessa e mobile

Architecture and the environment, a complex and mobile relationship

The thesis underpinning the thoughts presented in this issue is the interaction between architectural culture and the environment, between intentional environmental modification brought about by building in the mountains and its conceptualization in the historically-determined forms that have characterised modernity since the late 18th century. The environment is here understood as material – mountains, lakes, forests, climate, air, water, ice, animals – with its countless cultural and scientific modes of conceptualization.
This theme is not only up-to-date, but will be the core issue of the long phase of climate transition that is our future. Thus, it is natural to question the extent to which environmental transformation is redefining how constructive action and the environment relate to and influence each other. In order to look at this interaction in the present and in the near future, it may be essential to interrogate the two-and-a-half centuries of history of modernity within the Alps, with the progressive prevalence of urban technology cultures that will disperse the historical ways of life and the relative building practices as the 21st century advances.