Il legno di provenienza nazionale: una risorsa per l’edilizia alpina

Italian wood: a resource for Alpine construction

Italian forests cover more than one third of the national territory, yet the amount of timber yearly harvested is considerably limited. Increasing the use of national timber, with a sustainable approach, is a relevant opportunity for our country given the environmental, social and economic benefit it could bring. The prospects are favorable indeed, since the demand for timber has recently increased in many sectors, and the Italian wooden resources are well suited for several and valuable uses.
Proximity supply chains can play a significant role in the forest-wood sector, as some best practices demonstrate and are therefore to be supported at different levels, in terms of system, engaging operators, and attracting investments. In this context, various types of architectural solutions can effectively contribute to promote our national timber by conveying the countless values it would bring to construction. The same applies to the national territory, and in particular for the Alpine area, where wood and its uses are integrated into the local culture.