Infra-strutture comunitarie. L’essere e il farsi dei luoghi

Community infra-structures. The being and the making of places

The inside and the outside of the long age of spaces and things are replaced by the age of information. Can we still talk about physical spaces or has the metaphysics  of abstract relationships completely taken over? Are we facing the transmutation of bodies and shapes into mere memory allocations? The text leaves and asks for a space and a vision that reconcile these terms. The images of the Author’s country become the  metaphor of the inside and the outside of the present, acting as a manifesto of people’s participation in shaping their time. However, this life necessity still requires constant reconciliation between residing and overrunning, the identity of places and the one of relationships, history and the tale that challenges it and wishes to overcome it. Even more today, at the time of hyperhistory, when everything is told in detail and on every platform, reconciliation becomes necessary, so that hyper-facts do not simply decree the end of human participation. This goal requires a shift of paradigm of the terms property, citizenship and community within a new urban and institutional design.