La casa di Giandomenico Belotti a Fogajard

The Giandomenico Belotti's house in Fogajard

The Giandomenico Belotti’s house in Fogajard


This essay presents the Saccomani family house, designed in the 1960s by Giandomenico Belotti in Fogajard, a cluster of isolated farmsteads near Madonna di Campiglio where, to this day, one may still breathe the farming life atmosphere of the times gone by. The clients developed a particular affection for the place and chose it for their free time. A bond is created and lives through a project that interprets the theme of the refuge in a modern way. Built at the margins of the meadows, at the limit of the woodland, the architecture abstracts the elements of tradition and translates them with today’s language, with no winking or analogies. The dry appearance of the exteriors, made of reinforced concrete walls, timber infills and a cantilevering horizontal roof, is matched by warm and welcoming interiors made of wooden and textile elements. It is through the architect’s coherent approach and his friendship with a passionate client that this work finds its particular shape, giving life to an authentic and honest experience of Alpine dwelling.