Le Alpi nel 2050: clima e territorio

The Alps in 2050: climate and territory

The Alps are indicators of climate change. Thanks to their variety of environments and altitudes, these places uncover some of the manifold consequences of global warming. Starting with the analysis of the current situation, 2022 has been an example of what, ever so frequently, may happen in the future: summer temperatures 3 ºC hotter than average has given rise to drought problems, trees and forests loss and a record reduction in glacial mass across the Alps. What lies ahead? What are the prospects for the future according to climate projections? The answer lies in the effectiveness of climate policies that, if unheeded, may result in catastrophic scenarios. The complete failure of the actions planned and implemented would, in fact, lead to climate chaos, inevitably affecting the habitability of the mountain areas. But not all is lost: virtuous practices will make it possible to achieve the 2-degree global warming goal, also thanks to a new way of living in the Alps that, bearing risks in mind, understands the need to divert financial resources to the environment, avoiding the unmanageable and managing the inevitable.