Pratiche e progettualità di rigenerazione e welfare: il “Premio triennale Giulio Andreolli – Fare paesaggio”

Actions and projects of regeneration and welfare: the “Premio triennale Giulio Andreolli – Fare paesaggio”

The “Premio triennale Giulio Andreolli – Fare Paesaggio” was inaugurated in 2016 with the aim of enhancing landscape experiences in the European Alpine area. It is composed of three sections: territorial planning and programming initiatives, architectural and landscape interventions, and education and participation actions.
The success of the award shows the growing and transversal interest in landscape issues, at both institutional and professional level, in the context of spontaneous and “bottom-up” initiatives. One emergent aspect of interest during the various editions of the award is the emergence of a large number of activities related to the management of traditional rural landscapes, and oriented to the knowledge of territories and to the involvement of inhabitants. These local communities are often engaged in new organizational methods, driven by sincere enthusiasm and civic engagement.
That is the reason why one of the most interesting elements emerging from the award experience must be sought in this intersection between popular initiatives and both professional and institutional approaches. By bounding this reflection to the regeneration-driven production, which is the main topic of this issue, it is possible to isolate, among the many cases nominated for the award, some interesting experiences. With different outcomes, various designers and clients have dealt with contemporary architecture and explored important themes related to the transformation of Alpine landscapes.