Vaia, un punto di partenza

Vaia, a starting point

In October 2018, the three-days storm Vaia flattened 42 million trees to the ground, across a vast area extending from Lombardia to Friuli Venezia Giulia. This extreme weather, which has never been recorded before in Italy, reflects the dramatic nature of climate change. Not only did the storm significantly alter the entire forest area, it also led to the uncontrolled proliferation of the bark beetle, negatively impacting the Italian timber industry. PEFC Italy has set up the ‘Filiera Solidale’ initiative in order to restore the value and importance of timber. In fact, it is aimed at encouraging the purchase of objects and structures made of wood from the storm-damaged areas at a fair price. In this regard, two successful examples are described: The Social Housing Project, inaugurated on 30 May 2022 in Rovereto, and the historic Legnolandia company in Friuli. In both cases, the timber comes from the forests that were devastated by the Vaia storm. In addition, the WOWnature project by Etifor (the spin-off of a project by the University of Padua) offers the chance to get directly involved by adopting a tree in the areas that have been most affected by Vaia and the bark beetle. The care and concern shown for the storm-ravaged forests is an excellent starting point for planning the future of the Alpine territories, focusing on the necessary balance between human and nature.