Legare, incorniciare, sottolineare, amplificare: due progetti per gli spazi pubblici di insediamenti storici trentini

Linking, framing, underlining, amplifying: two projects for the public spaces in historic Trentino settlements


The small villages in rural areas of Trentino often share similar settlement principles (of Latin-Romansh origin) and destinies.
Their dense cores suffer from a phenomenon of consistent abandonment that causes the aweakening of the social structure and an increasing obsolescence of the buildings. The two projects of Castelfondo (Municipality of Borgo d’Anaunia) and Bolciana (Municipality of Tre Ville) are to be considered in this general context, in two small villages that felt the need to regenerate the public space to provide new places for social gathering and new facilities to the community. In Castelfondo, the abandonment of a building is the starting point of the project: instead of a decaying building, three small public spaces offer a new gathering place for the community. In Bolciana, the need to have spaces that would improve the quality of the existing places led to a project made of small artifacts in four squares. The two projects try to demonstrate that with a careful approach by the municipalities, the needs and problems of locations that are far from large tourist flows and main infrastructures can become fertile opportunities to reinvent spaces and meet emerging needs.