Un oratorio e una cappella in Ticino

An oratory and a chapel in Ticino

This text presents the oratory of San Bartolomeo (1991-1996), built in Porta (Brissago) following the design by Raffaele Cavadini, and the chapel realised in Val Malvaglia (2017-2019) by Martino Pedrozzi. Since it is not possible here to fill the gap in critical studies on the sacred architecture in Ticino since the second half of the 20th century – except for two well-known works by Mario Botta: the church of San Giovanni Battista in Mogno, Val Lavizzara (1986-1996) and the chapel of Santa Maria degli Angeli on Monte Tamaro (1990-1996) –, we have chosen to focus on these two works because of the consistency of their design strategy and the quality of their results. But if the Brissago oratory was created in the mould of the experiences developed in Ticino since the 1960s (although it in part has an original perspective), the chapel in Val Malvaglia, conceived by an architect from the next generation, introduces a new approach, manifesting the liveliness of the architectural research in contemporary Ticino.