Contemporary architectures in inland Corsica: the projects of Amelia Tavella and Orma Architettura

The territory of Corsica is an extensive mountain range emerging from the Mediterranean Sea. From the morphological point of view, it is a mountainous region; the flat area coincides with the narrow Tyrrhenian coastal strip of the Aleria plain. With a very low population density, which grows extensively during the summer period, Corsica preserves specific environmental and landscape characteristics that determine the quality of the place; in this respect, it is worth noting that approximately one-third of the territory is a protected natural park. The island’s main economic resources are tourism and the traditional agro-pastoral and wine economy. The essay illustrates four projects, two by the Orma Architettura studio and two by architect Amelia Tavella. All the architectures presented are united by the extreme control of the project, which determines their high design quality in terms of their relationship with the landscape, the built heritage and the local communities.