Indizi. Nuove ecologie del progetto nelle aree interne della Sardegna

Traces. New project ecologies in the inland areas of Sardinia

New architectures for new protagonists: is this what has been happening in inland and mountain Sardinia over the last two decades? And in which direction is modernization going: does it operate on the self-referential level of forms, or is it associated with innovative development paradigms? The paper addresses the awareness of identity as a project, which starts from the discovery of the relationship between constructive cultures, shapes and processes of historical communities and settlements.
In the 1990s, the first results start from the recovery of historic centers, while in the early 2000s the focus shifted to the landscape, transforming a purely conservative approach to places into a proactive one. A new generation of social and institutional leaders – and producers – brings out new clients for projects that re-interpret landscapes, architecture, object design, between continuity and innovation: not through mimetic traditionalisms, but by rediscovering “new ecologies” for transition.